Flea Market Finds and a Re-Design!

I scored this big, old picture frame at the flea market for $4.00! I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, or where I’ll put it, but I couldn’t pass it up for that price. For the time being, I hung it on a nail that was already sticking out of the wall above the […]


Yesterday I got an email from the Ford family.¬†They were my very first virtual design consultation clients, and they sent me these pictures of their kitchen to work from last October: Before I started virtually redesigning the room for them, I asked them what they wanted to keep in the room, and what they wanted […]

My Dream House

I happened upon the most perfect house today.Just look at it! (sigh). I LOVE the way the carriage house-style garage is positioned in relation to the house.Almost like so that they can each admire each other from where they both sit.I also love the w i d t h of the front steps. They conjure […]

Cheery Interiors

Don’t you just love it when you feel like an interior is actually smiling at you? You know what I mean. I know you do. Take the photo above for example. It’s cheeriness just makes me want to jump into the picture! The red wicker dining chairs play so nicely with the checkered pattern on […]

De-Saturated Palette

I found these inspiring images while surfing the web the other day, and just had to share them. I named this little house we live in the “Lettered Cottage” because of my love for all things typography-related. Also, I’m married to a writer, and find myself displaying books, quotes, words, letters and numbers in every […]

Happy Valentines Day 2009!

I am Valentine-less today, (boo) so even though it seems more like a blue day than a red one, I thought I’d post some happy rosy red-themed images for you to admire. Happy Valentines Day to you. hope it’s extra sweet! And in case anyone is feeling extra crafty today…how cute are these? Here are […]

Flea Market Wicker Planter & Contest Winners

Remember when I went to the Eastbrook Flea Market in Montgomery with my Mom?Well, after stuffing our bellies with some of the best Pad Thai I have ever had the pleasure of eating, and after scouring all three levels of the flea market for treasures, we came upon this in one of the very last […]

Tichenor Master Bedroom Sitting Room

I worked on a Photo Consultation for a family in Castle Rock, Colorado recently. Hover over the photo with your cursor to see the results of the Sitting Area in their Master Bedroom! The goal- Inspired by a sophisticated wallcovering, my intention was to create a space that was a visual treat to view from […]

Sarah’s Budget-Friendly "Boutique Hotel-Style" Master Bedroom

Meet Sarah.A twenty-something school teacher, originally from Ohio, now living in Prattville, Alabama. This is Sarah and her husbands first “fur baby”, Maddy… and their second, Roxy… and their third, Ruby… and the latest addition to their family, Rosie: Sarah rescued Rosie from a “hoarding” situation. So sad that goes on. Thank goodness for people […]

Tracery Interiors

While reading one of my favorite blogs, Blueprint Bliss , I learned about a company called Tracery Interiors. It was started by a firm called Dungan Nequette Architects located in Birmingham, Alabama. The Tracery shop is located in Rosemary Beach, Florida. Tracery’s Story: The best stories are those that flow seamlessly- in which every part […]