L.C. (Pet Portrait)

I painted this commissioned piece this past week.It’s official.I LOVE painting dachshunds.(And Labs, Chihuahuas, Boxers, Westies, Schnauzers, Greyhounds, Yorkies…..etc, etc, etc!) Dogs rule! If you are interested in having your (or someone elses) pet painted, my rates are as follows: 8×10 = $7511×14 = $10016×20 = $15020×24 = $200 Oh, and I also paint houses! […]

Mystery Room

Have you ever wondered where this door led to? Come a little closer and let me show you. It leads to THIS door, which is the one we come in and out of everyday… And this door is located in… OUR LAUNDRY/MUDROOM!Congratulations STAHL FAMILY and ANNELIES DEASE!You both guessed the correct room. Email me your […]

Room Reveal and a Contest!

Hey there! Tomorrow I am going to reveal a room in our cottage that you have never seen before.Kevin and I have just started to remodel it, and I’m excited to post some Before and During photos of it here on my blog.Can you guess which room it will be?Only ONE guess per comment…the first […]

Living Room – During the Painting Stage

One of the most time consuming, yet gratifying, things I’ve ever done was paint the Living Room in this little cottage we call home. I started with walls like this in my Living Room… I was WILD about the texture. I see walls like these in almost every issue of Pottery Barn magazine, but knew […]

Seven Things Tag

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:1. Visit the open-air flea markets in Europe2. Design & build my own home3. Visit Catalina Island again4. Have one of my designs published in a magazine5. Create a line wallcoverings, lighting, rugs & home decor through letteredolive.com6. Get LASIK eye surgery7. Meet some of the friends […]

Kitchen Layout

If you’re wondering what the other side of my Kitchen looks like, well, it looks like this: Yes, that monstrous white refrigerator needs to be replaced with a COUNTER-DEPTH stainless steel one. Yes, I need a rug. Yes, I need a tall, industrial looking garbage can to the right of the fridge. Yes, I need […]