Kitchen & Dining Room Updates

Got some more work done in the Kitchen and Dining Room this past week, woo hoo! My mom and her husband gave us some beadboard they had left over from a project they had recently worked on, so we put it to good use as a backsplash in our Kitchen. Here are some photos of […]

Ford Family Kitchen Redesign

The Ford Family recently hired me to do a Virtual Consultation on their Kitchen. Here’s what their Kitchen looks like currently: Renee told me that underneath the red material, there is horizontal planks running all the way up to the ceiling. AWESOME! Their refrigerator sits just outside the kitchen, in their breakfast room, but they […]

Coastal Living Idea House 2008

Living Room- Kitchen- Dining Room- Master Bedroom- Bunk Room-


Here are a couple of products my Mom is creating for of the shells were hand-picked by my Mom, from the Gulf Coast, and are gorgeously displayed “specimen-style” in your choice of distressed black, distressed white or teak wood shadowbox frame. This first style of Shellbox will include a laminated “key” that lists the […]

Ceiling Consultation

Melaine at My Sweet Savannah asked for my advice recently regarding her kitchen ceiling. I was thrilled to find this post on her blog tonight- “…I have been in a dilema for a while about how to tackle my kitchen skylight area. It is a prominant area in my home and deserved a little more […]

Upper Cabinets

I would LOVE to rip out all my upper cabinets and install windows all the way across the wall in my kitchen. I mean, this is what’s on the other side of the wall for pete’s sake! Just look how cool having no uppers looks in this picture: Here’s another view of the same kitchen…isn’t […]

Design Consultations

Due to time constraints, I am no longer able to work on design consultations. If you’d like to see examples of past consultations, click on the link below! Design Consultations Page Thank you! Layla Palmer



Design Consultation Services

Note about my Consultation Schedule:Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I’m no longer able to work on design consultations. If you’d like to see some examples of previous consultations I’ve worked on, move your cursor back and forth over the photos below to see the inspiration drawings I put together for my clients… (The suggestions shown […]

China Hutch Update

If you guessed that I was adding some GREEN to my Kitchen, you guessed right! I painted the inside/back of my hutch that same color that I painted my back door. This hutch has come a long way. It started with wood-colored drawers & lower doors, and super traditional pulls. So I did this, with […]

Working in the Kitchen today

Since it seems to be the most popular room in the cottage- I’m doing some work in the Kitchen today…I’ll post new photos tomorrow! Here’s a hint about the inspiration behind the what I’m working on… …can you guess what is going on? Layla

Hallway Re-Design

Bella asked if I would offer up some design advice for her friend Beth’s hallway. There is NOTHING that thrills me more than to sit down & and design a space.Interior design is what I think about while I fall asleep at night, and the first thing that pops into my head when I wake […]

Another House Guest

What’s that I spy on the window INSIDE my cottage? Why, it’s a LIZARD! But instead of dousing this little guy with Raid (like we did to the spider) or smashing him with a flip flop (like we do the roaches), I chased him around the house and finally caught him underneath a tupperware bowl. […]