• Monthly Archives: September 2008

    Kitchen Cabinet Baskets

    The blinds I’m using throughout the house look like this: So what happens when you find baskets (at IKEA) that perfectly fit the openings of your kitchen cabinets that look like this? Well, you paint them with three different colors … Continue reading

    Kitchen Cabinet Details

    My Kitchen only has ONE little, tiny window in it (above the sink), so when I painted my cabinets, I decided to have some mirror cut to adhere (using velcro) to the inside/backs of the open cabinets. I needed six … Continue reading

    Pantry Rug & Coat Hooks

    Felt like “showing and telling” today… I bought this little number at TJ Maxx about a month ago. LOVE the two different textures woven together to create the stripe effect.The cream colored stripe is a soft, stringy material and the … Continue reading

    Reading Room/Hallway Flooring

    So, over the past few days, my health got worse again. I went to the doctor to make sure I didn’t have Strep Throat, since my sore throat (that I STILL have) has lasted about 2 weeks now. It almost … Continue reading

    New Doorway Trim

    Finally got around to adding the trim to the doorway we decided to take a reciprocating saw to a few months ago… Isn’t it funny what a little trim will do? What a tedious, “un-fun” way to totally finish off … Continue reading

    Notecards & letteredolive.com

    I will be adding several Notecard sets to the Lettered Olive Etsy page this week.Stop by and check them out! Also, I am about 7 days away from launching letteredolive.com so stay tuned for the official launch date in the … Continue reading

    Etsy Shop

    The Lettered Olive Etsy shop is officially open!I’ve only got a few Quoteboxes on there right now, but I’ll continue to add more throughout the week. I’ve been battling with a BAAAAD cold and now I have PINK EYE….ugh…so my … Continue reading

    Martha Stewart and Conan O’Brien

    Conan O’Brien and Martha Stewart snuggle up in a GOOD BED Thought ya’ll might enjoy this…I did L.

    Halloween Inspiration

    I found these pics at one of my FAVORITE blogs: urbanfarmhouse.blogspot.com I can tell you right now that sometime within the next month, I will be purchasing a mini-chalkboard, a silver scoop and a bunch of pumpkin/cinnamon/apple/spice/insert any other “Fall-themed … Continue reading

    Written by the first person I ever loved…

    “…Waking up to only the sound of birds singing, the smell of coffee brewing, and a clear view of the sunrise, is a nearly perfect start to each day. The only way to improve that would be to add the … Continue reading

    Lettered Olive Logo

    Calling all opinions!I am trying to settle on which “Lettered Olive” logo to go with.Here are the seven choices I have designed. I love them all, but am curious as to which ONE gets the most instant gut reaction from … Continue reading

    Fall Centerpiece

    So many of you have posted such beautiful photos of how you’re decorating for Fall in your homes, that I was inpsired to go outside and clip some of these branches covered in the cutest little orange berries: Then I … Continue reading

    Arte Y Pico Award!

    I received the coveted “Arte Y Pico” award from Jennifer at the Old Painted Cottage!I did some research on this nifty little award, and apparently the meaning of the expression “Arte Y Pico” goes (roughly) something like this:“Wow. The Best … Continue reading

    Pantry – Grasscloth Wallpaper

    I hung the Grasscloth wallpaper in the Pantry this morning. Still LOTS of work to do in there, but thought I would post a current picture of where it’s at today. Here’s my to do list in this room:1. Install … Continue reading

    Pantry – Painted Back Door & Dining Room – Picture Ledge

    Look what I did. Soooo much better, right? The color is called “Ryegrass”. I got it at the Home Depot. I also played around with some frames that I already had, just to see what my new picture ledge in … Continue reading