Lettered Olive – Sneak Peek

While my Mom is working on different products at her place, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in sawdust & seashells, and wading through stacks and stacks of the most inspirational quotes & words in existence over here at mine. I have a confession.I’ve had a love affair with Typography for quite some time now. […]

Dining Room – Fabric Options

I went to the one of the coolest places on the planet today.It’s right here, in Prattville, Alabama.They carry a treasure trove of wonderful fabrics, and I am a TOTAL fabric junkie!I could spend hours sifting through them. I love touching them and coordinating them with each other. It’s such a rush. (Yes, I am […]

Pantry – Before & During

I am thrilled to announce that the flooring is officially installed in the Pantry.Woo hoo! This is what it looked like around noon: And then piece by piece, it started to go come together: And voila! It was done by 2:00! I can’t wait for you to see what’s next for this soon-to-be-hardworking little space. […]

Screen Door – Dining Room

I found a screen door!¬†And wouldn’t ya know it, it was RIGHT under my nose this whole time. I was making one of a million trips out my back door yesterday, and it hit me. (Not literally) we already own a chippy, old screen door! It was hanging on the outside of the wood door […]

Reading Room – During

So, here it is. The infamous “Reading Room” in it’s current state. I know, I know. The flooring STILL isn’t installed.It’s been CRAZY around this place this week. But Kevin has promised to work on it soon. I still haven’t accessorized the space, or purchased window treatments. And I’ve got plans to flank the new […]

Technical Difficulties

First of all- THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my last couple of posts! You guys are so inspirational! I feel more motivated than ever! Second, I have been having trouble uploading my video to the HGTV.com website. I chatted with someone from their technical support today, and she said […]

T.G.I.T – Bedrooms

I searched the web for a few of the prettiest, most soothing bedrooms I could find as inspiration for my own. I was thinking I wanted green as my accent color- but after choosing these pictures, I think it’s pretty obvious what color I’m drawn to! This first room is precious. My favorite two things […]

Dining Room – During

Hey ya’ll!Finally got some pictures to show you where I’m at, as of today, in the Dining Room.But I must start off by saying-The apple green curtain covering the opening to the future pantry is a temporary fix. (I’m determined to get an old screen door!) I still haven’t purchased new lighting, curtains, or installed […]

Lettered Olive Weekend

My mom is coming up today- yahoo! We plan on spending some time looking at the cottage next door. (It’s STILL for sale!) We’d love to buy it (at the right price) and fix it up, and then put it back on the market all spiffied up. We’re also going to work on Lettered Olive […]

My Street

I wanted to show you WHY we bought our ugly, little cinderblock house. Check out some of the other houses on our street… HOUSE 1 HOUSE 2 HOUSE 3 HOUSE 4 HOUSE 5 HOUSE 6 HOUSE 7 HOUSE 8 (the house directly across the street) HOUSE 9 (the house across the street, to the left) […]

Living Room Comments

Thanks for all the sweet things you all had to say about my Living Room!This was one of my favorite ideas: “…I think that the mantel could use some great salvaged brackets corbels what ever you like to call them , it would add some bulk with that amazing mantel…” -Chris Isn’t that GREAT? I […]