• Monthly Archives: July 2008

    Living Room- During

    Today I know two things for sure.One- I need a wide angle lens so that I can properly photograph my rooms.And two- My living room is in desperate need of the stuff I call “spice”.I am stuck in that yucky … Continue reading

    Estate Sale Dresser

    This darling dresser came from an estate sale just down the street.I love it, except that it’s knobless. (Is that a word?)So, let me ask you all, what kind of knobs would YOU put on it?There’s two places for knobs … Continue reading

    Living Room Accessories

    The Living Room is slowly, but surely, coming together. Here are some things I’ve got going on so far: My blinds: My chocolatey drapes, from Lowes: And a chair I got at Eastbrook Flea Market for $35. I’m going to … Continue reading

    Fireplace Re-do

    When we moved in last October, our fireplace mantle was orange and laquery. (And, yes, “lacquery” is now officially a word in my vocabulary) Not to mention, waaaay to puny. Take a look: So I went out and bought a … Continue reading

    First Day of the Rest of My Life

    Today is the BIG day. My LAST day at the job I have worked at since August of 2005. I can’t believe it’s finally arrived- and that I’ll be able to create Lettered Olive, full-time. What a cool feeling. In … Continue reading

    Kitchen Cabinetry

    I’ve had a lot of people email about and comment on my black kitchen cabinets.I always considered myself more of a white cabinet kind of girl.But when I learned (the hard way) that polyurethane painted on top of white paint, … Continue reading

    Vacation Location

    I am in the mood for a vacation! Thursday is my last day at work. So, of course, time is moving ULTRA slow this week. But, anyways, speaking of vacations…For all of those in, or around, northern Alabama- you should … Continue reading

    Reading Room – Sneak Peek

    I wanted to give you a few sneak peeks at the room I’m calling the “Reading Room”.It used to be a bathroom, but when we moved in, there was no toilet, no sink, no vanity. Nothing. Just a plywood floor … Continue reading

    Guest Room Bedding

    I got my pillow!It came in the mail yesterday, and I couldn’t get to the mailbox fast enough.I swear, I RAN across the front yard. Here’s what the Guest Room Bedding is looking like today. I think I may put … Continue reading

    China Hutch Re-do

    I’m more of a Walnut gal, than a Cherry gal. So the doors, drawers and inside of my China Hutch has really been bothering me. When things bother me, I usually call my Mom or go straight for a paintbrush. … Continue reading

    La Maisonette

    I took another little “web trip” overseas again this morning. Oh, I might as well go ahead and say it…my name is Layla, and I’m a France-a-holic. I found the perfect place to stay when we go there. It’s called … Continue reading

    Look what I won on Ebay!

    I bought it for the Guest Room bed.As soon as it arrives, I’ll take pictures of the whole ensemble I’ve got going on in there. I can’t seem to make any commitments on the MASTER bedroom bedding yet though. I’ll … Continue reading

    Bin Pulls and T.G.I.F

    I’m still trying to get used to using them to open the drawers. I got so used to not having anything to pull them open by! My computer was freaking out yesterday, so I didn’t get to post my weekly … Continue reading

    Marvin Commission

    “Shellmo” over at http://logcabininmichigan.blogspot.com/ commissioned me to paint her darling kitty, Marvin. Here’s how he turned out- And now that I’m starting to feel like myself again, I’m going to attach the pretty new bin pulls, I won on Ebay, … Continue reading


    I haven’t posted in a few days because I have been battling Vertigo.At least I think that’s what it is.I woke up in the middle of the night on the 5th, at 3:15 a.m. to be exact, and could not … Continue reading