T.G.I.T – Living Rooms

Thanks SOOO much to everybody who posted on my last entry. Your support is enormously appreciated! It may be a rough ride for a bit, BUT: I, Layla, do solemnly swear, to maintain a happy & healthy attitude and to continue to do my best to scatter joy & radiate love every step of the […]

The 1st Day of the Rest Of Our Lives!

Well, we did it. You know that saying “don’t quit your day job?”, well, we quit our day jobs today. We’re both sort of in shock at the moment. It’s a good shock. An excited-but-still-a-little-nervous shock. We’ve done A LOT of soul-searching and praying over the past year, and it just feels like the right […]

Lettered Cottage – Partial Floorplan Layout

Other than the two Guest Bedrooms, the Guest Bathroom, the Reading Room, the Mudroom and the Laundry Room- this is a partial layout of our place.I did this drawing in my “Plan 3D” program before I bought furniture, so that I knew I’d buy the right sizes. I’ve made some MAJOR mistakes in the past, […]

I Heart Art!

As a child, animals were always my favorite thing to draw. As as adult, I love to paint them. Most of my clientele consists of people who are crazy about their “fur kids”. Here’s a few of the commissioned pieces I’ve done:

T.G.I.T – Kitchens

Since I’m thinking about my Kitchen a lot right now, I thought I’d post some photos of three gorgeous ones I found while surfing the net. I love the thickness of the porcelain sink in this first photo. And the olive green cabinets with chunky nickel pulls are perfection. The double towel bar in this […]

Okay, before you watch this- you should know that I have not yet: 1. Installed a backsplash2. Finished installing the flooring3. Installed new light fixtures4. Added all the accessories I’d like to add5. Finished painting the kitchen cabinets6. Finished adding trim to the top of the kitchen cabinets7. Filled all the cabinets with dishes8. Installed […]


Dining/Kitchen Inspiration

I put together some things to inspire the palette for our Dining Room & Kitchen.Since the two rooms are open to each other, I figured it would be nice for them to be in harmony texture/color-wise. I love the look of dark rattan, burlap, seashells, sprout or apple green and creamy white dishes together. Oh, […]

The Accessory Your Room Can’t Live Without!

1. mirror2. candle3. plant/flowers4. basket5. tray If you could only pick one, which of these five accessories would you say your room can’t live without? I vote for #1, mirror. I love how they instantly open up a room, and for me, the more sunshine the better. Wouldn’t be a cottage without it, right? But […]


My Mom celebrated her 54th Birthday on Friday (yes, the 13th!)So I sent one of these little buggers to the hotel she was staying at on the beach in Pensacola.Aren’t they cute?(I sent her the one on the left)

Rock, Platter, Napkins

I had Kevin snap this shot of the latest napkins I bought on clearance at Pier One.I’m going to research napkin-folding techniques on-line today. The in-laws are coming over for dinner Monday night, so I want everything to look nice. I found the creamy ceramic platter at Marshalls for $7.99. I’m infatuated with the little […]


Every Thursday I’m going to post a few inspirational photos for everyone to drool over. I found these while looking back at a Country Living issue from June of 2005. The house is owned by a woman named Michelle Joy, and it’s located in Mauricetown, New Jersey. The mirror collection going up the staircase wall […]

Trash to Treasure Project

What do you get when you cross a really, really old, ugly green scale with a new enamel-coated metal bowl, marked “Sundries”? Answer: I primed and painted the scale glossy white, and used a rusting kit on the face of it. The numbers where mostly rubbed off anyway, and I’m more of a “form before […]

The Cottage Next Door

In case anyone wants to be neighbors with Kevin and I, here’s a picture of the cottage that just came up for sale next door to our house. Isn’t it delicious? It’s needs some work, but don’t you think it could be the cutest little thing?It’s for sale for $85,000. It’s 988 square feet, has […]

Guest Bedroom Renovation

Here’s a little video of me and the “husbear” renovating our Guest Bedroom. We found the GREATEST wood planks (running horizontally) on the walls in the closet in this room, so we figured it MUST be under the drywall in the bedroom itself too. A little dancing, a lot of dust and sho’ nuff! We […]

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one in the world who would spend 8 months deciding which cabinet knobs and pulls to use on their kitchen cabinets.First I thought I wanted to use glass knobs, so I bought a sample of each of these: The one on the left is $9.00, the one in […]