The Lettered Cottage Living Room – “Before” Photos

This is the first room we walked into the first time we walked through the house. Lovely, isn’t it? It came complete with heavily-laquered pine paneling, tacky little lanterns above the fireplace mantel, super bumpy brick on the fireplace facade, a cast iron stove, and a bunch of stretched-out carpeting, chock full o’ dog pee. […]

Exterior Motives

So here it is. Our house… It’s made out of cinderblocks. Yep, that’s right- I said cinderblocks. Not the most “cottage-y” of exteriors, eh? My husband didn’t think so either. Fortunately, I was able to cloud his judgment with the repeated use of phrases like, “clad it with some kind of cottage-style siding”, and “paint […]