• Okay, before you watch this- you should know that I have not yet:

    1. Installed a backsplash
    2. Finished installing the flooring
    3. Installed new light fixtures
    4. Added all the accessories I’d like to add
    5. Finished painting the kitchen cabinets
    6. Finished adding trim to the top of the kitchen cabinets
    7. Filled all the cabinets with dishes
    8. Installed new countertops
    9. Bought a new Dining Room table & chairs
    10. Replaced the white appliances with stainless steel ones
    11. Installed a stainless steel range hood with telescoping chimney
    12. Figured out my window treatments
    13. Installed french doors in the Dining Room
    The list goes on and on….

    But this shows where I’m at as of today! :-)

    And let’s not forget the BEFORE photo of the kitchen in all it’s sherbet-colored loveliness:

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