12 Days of Giveaways: Giveaway #9

A few years ago I had big plans to start a little home-based business called “Lettered Olive” with my Mom.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be too expensive & time consuming for us both- but I’ve still got a couple of things we had hoped to sell in our online shop lying around the house. One of which is our giveaway item of the day!

It’s a double mat I designed that measures 20″ wide x 28″ tall.  The top mat has some neat little grooves cut into it so the black “core” shows through…


(Because it’s an odd size, it’ll need to be custom framed.)

The opening on the bottom mat is for a 5×7 print, and the quote I chose to have printed on it is one of my all-time favs…



If you’d like to throw your name in the hat for a chance to win it, leave a comment on this post between now and ten o’ clock p.m. tomorrow night. (Wednesday, 12/22/10) (Central Time)

Yesterday’s winner is…

Congratulations Laura! I’ll be emailing you soon to get your mailing address from you.

And congrats to today’s Twivia winner- @JessicaOakes. Today’s question was: In what year did Pottery Barn launch Pottery Barn Kids? Answer: 1999.

Stay merry, jingle boys & belles!


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  1. Victoria says

    The sentiment on your giveaway really hits home right now since one my dear friends lost his beautiful wife to cancer this week. I would love to frame her picture and give this to him as a meaningful Christmas gift.

  2. Sherri Langford-Farrell says

    That’s my all time favorite quote!!! Love it!! Love the font, too!!!! I’m obsessed with fonts!!! LOL

  3. says

    So cute, LOVE the quote! Pick me & my brother custom frames, so I won’t have any problem getting this up on my wall!:)

  4. Rae says

    Love, love, love it. Pick me “random counter picker thingy” cause I never win anything…….LOL

  5. says

    That is one of my favorite quotes too! So inspiring and a gentle reminder to enjoy every moment in life…even the stressful, confusing and times that don’t make sense to us! Hope I win!!!

  6. Cindy says

    That is one of my favorite sayings, too and the mat is just sweet! Would love to receive this!

  7. Jeannette T says

    I always take a deep breath everytime I read your blog. I’m so excited to see what you have to share.

  8. says

    It’s so true…and it makes me a little sad b/c I don’t think I’ve had enough of those moments. But I will.

  9. Fiona says

    I absolutely love this quote, one of my favorites, thanks for the chance to enter your contest…. Love your blog.

  10. Susan Pipich says

    Love that quote–it is such a gentle reminder for us all..
    I have been enjoying your daily drawing; it makes each day a little like Christmas morning!
    Your generosity of spirit is beautiful.

  11. says

    Love this quote, love the mat. You can throw my comment in the hat. Hope to be picked for this giveaway :)
    I’ll hang it with pride and will remind me what is important!

  12. Julie says

    I would love this I just found out my daughter is going to have a girl today after a couple of miscarriages,its great news. I think the ultra sound pic would be great in there untill she arrives! Maybe this would be my lucky day its my daughters birthday today too! ….If i happened to win I would have it sent to her.. Good luck everyone! Julie…..

    • Carolyn says

      You have me trumped…your daughter deserves this.I was going to give it to my hubby who GAVE away his job last Christmas to a young man with three kids,and took the lay off instead.He is laid off again this year,so no presents….I was going to give it to him with a picture of us when we first met, but your daughter should win, after all she has been through.I will write him a song instead :)
      Merry Christmas!

  13. Alisa D. says

    Ooooh, I love it! It would be perfect for the photo wall I’d like to start down my staircase.

  14. Anette Taylor says

    Love that saying!! It’s now a song sang by Mr. King George himself!!

  15. Donna Goff says

    I love this double matte and the saying really caught my attention! I hope I win!

  16. maggie says

    I …. want….to ……win…..this! I love the whole thing! Did you hand letter this or is it a font?
    Thanks Layla and Kevin!

  17. Sally says

    I would be delighted beyond measure to win this beautiful giveway!! I love the saying!!

  18. says

    This is so beautiful – would begging help me at all?
    LOL – thank you for the opportunity to own this wonderful piece.
    Merry Christmas ;-)

  19. Martha says

    This is one of my favorite quotes too. Thanks for all the fun give aways. : )

  20. Robin L. says

    Love the quote and love the matte. Great job! Hope I get it! Fingers crossed.

  21. Gloria from Illinois says

    One of my all time favorite quotes, too! Keeping my fingers crossed for a chance at winning! Thank you for bringing such joy each time I visit your blog!!

  22. Mary Feagley says

    Love this. Hopefully once you are (more) famous, you can license all this creative genius!

  23. Monica says

    I love that quote! And what a beautiful piece, I would love to have that in my house!

  24. Suzy says

    would LOVE to win this one for my BFF who is getting married soon. wouldn’t a candid wedding shot look great with this mat??

  25. sheila says

    Throw me in…. i love this quote. Would love to have it on my table at home.

  26. Becky Haller says

    I too would love to win. As we several of the previous posts, it would be given to someone who has lost a loved one this past year.

    Happy Holidays Layla & Kevin.

    Becky H.

  27. Missy says

    This in one of my favorite quotes!! I really need to win this so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!

  28. Jackie says

    A beautiful quote…I love it and have just the right spot to put this…thanks for the chance to win!

  29. carlyn says

    That is my favorite quote! I first heard it in the movie Hitch… and now there is even that country song. Such a beautiful thought… and reminds me of those few moment in life when that actually has happened.

  30. Mary says

    Love it and all the work you do! Visiting your site lifts my spirit and engages the (often dormant, sadly) creative side of my brain. Thank you and Happy Christmas!

  31. Elaine says

    I love this and love the quote. I would love to use it in my new home!
    Merry Christmas to All !!!

  32. Shelley says

    I love this qoute and would love to win! Thanks for always being so inspiring!

  33. Jessica says

    I wish I had such beatiful things just lying around ;) I was just introduced to your blog and can’t get enough!

  34. Crystal says

    Pick me. This is one of my all time favorite quotes as well and I already know where I would put it.

  35. teri says

    This is so very true, a lesson learned in the past two days for me watching my 2 year old granddaughter enduring her first seizure in the ER.

  36. JANE CRAWFORD says

    I love this! I have loved this quote long before George came out with his song (but I love George too, as any self-respecting 55 year-old woman would!) Please, choose me. Merry Christmas

  37. Sherron says

    I think that would make a great wedding present with a picture of the bride and groom in it.
    Just so happens I need to get a gift.

  38. Mariefi O'Malley says

    Inspirational sentiment that if I won, would regift to my mom in a homemade frame. I’d stick a photo of my mom and me (when I was 5mos old)–tattered blk/white photo from the 70s, or a wedding photo of my parents in NYC Dec 1968 winter wedding. My moms been under alot since dads stroke 1.5yrs ago—having this displayed in her office would inspire her everyday! Thx Layla for considering and happy holidays!

  39. Allison A. says

    So pretty and simple. I love the overall design and like so many others, would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  40. Harbormom says

    So sad your plans to be in business with your mom didn’t work out – but hopefully, soon, your time (and hers!) will be consumed with that little ‘un. I love the frame, and particularly love the sentiment. Happy Christmas you guys!

  41. Rita says

    I am working on a wall of family (black and white) photography and this would be perfect! Thanks for the great giveaway! Be Merry!

  42. says

    Does it help if I tell you the moment that took my breath away was on my first hot air balloon ride just days ago with my little man? Spectacular! Merry Christmas to you!

  43. says

    What a wonderful quote, so many possibilities for the picture…What great people you two are….Merry Christmas and best wishes in the New Year..

  44. Jane-Ellen says

    Love it! Also love the quote about the “dash”! Merry Christmas to y’all!

  45. Nikki says

    That’s one of my favorite quotes of all time, too!!! I’d love to use it to frame a picture of my Mom. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  46. Stacie says

    That is my most favorite quote. I love it. Pick me, Pick me! :)

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  47. Joanie says

    This is one of my favorite quotes… and that font… aaahhhhhhhhhh!! Love this!

  48. Roxanna Morgan says

    Would love to win this giveaway. I very personal quote that I love.

    Roxanna Morgan

  49. says

    That mat is so charming (I love that quote and that font). I wish I had known about the Lettered Olive back in the day.

  50. Debbie Guess says

    I already know what picture I would put in that mat. What a nice giveaway. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year. Maybe next Christmas you will be three!!!!

  51. Wendi Roush says

    That is so beautiful!! My dad passed away in October, and so our Christmas is a little sad this year! When he was home his last week of life, I loved listening to him breathe! It was a beautiful sound!!


  52. Geri fom Vermont says

    Would love this…I have the perfect pic to go in it! It’s my daughter giving her newborn daughter a kiss…very beautiful!! One of my very favorites…it would be perfect! Happiest of Holidays to you both! Thanks for being so generous….

  53. Stephanie Comeau says

    I love this quote- this would be perfect for one of my wedding pictures.

  54. Janet says

    I love this saying and I love that George Strait has it in a song, when me and my kids listen to it, we get misty-eyed and hug each other…I would love to hang a pic of my little family in it!!!

  55. Katie says

    This is beautiful! I might put it in my office… that place needs some serious love.

  56. says

  57. says

    So very pretty. I remember you blogging about Lettered Olive, oh and about Half Note Cottage. Did they ever finish decorating? Happy Holidays!

  58. Jen- says

    I love this…having been through triumphs and tragedies via family, adoption, love lost and love regained….love it. <3

  59. Susan says

    One of my favorite quotes, too! This is a great idea for a holiday giveaway…

  60. Jody says

    The quote is a favorite of mine as well :) Thanks for the chance to enter the contest.

    I wish you’d start an online shop!

  61. Janice says

    I love this beautiful mat – very special, especially the saying at the bottom. I have wonderful children and grandchildren, who are forever taking my breath away. I would love to have this to put a group picture of my very special family in to display in a place of honor in my home! (LOVE your blog…I read it every day!)

  62. scouty says

    When our second oldest daughter was married in March, her older sister, who was her maid of honor, shared this quote at the end of her toast at the reception. Our family loves this quote! Beautiful!

  63. jennifer says

    I love this mat!! It is beautiful and I also love your blog and I try to read it everyday.

  64. Heather says

    This would look great with a black and white photo of my kids playing in the leaves. I think I might even have a frame that size!