12 Days of Giveaways: Giveaway #5

The goodies in Giveaway #5 are located somewhere in this photo of our little “Lettered Love”!

(No, one of them is not Mr.Maximus!)

If you’d like to throw your name in the hat for a chance to win them, leave a comment on this post between now and ten o’ clock p.m. tonight. (12/17/10) (Central Time)

Yesterday’s winner is…

Congratulations Diane! I’ll be emailing you soon to get your mailing address from you.

And congrats to @TheStoriesOfA2Z for correctly answering today’s Twivia question on Twitter! The question was: How many “arms” does every snowflake have? Answer: Six

Bear Hugs!


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  1. Lisa Guimond says

    Hi there – I am a fairly new follower and decided to go ahead and toss my hat in the ring for your contest. This room is SO cute – it could not possibly be more inviting, I love it!

  2. Alisa D says

    Well, I love everything I see in that room, so count me in! Thanks for hosting such fun giveaways!

  3. Rae says

    Hmmmm, wonder what it could be…..I love everything in that room. could it be the table runners, the place settings, something off that magnificent wall. I love surprises. Great fun giveaway!

  4. says

    The dining room is fresh, fun, and inviting! I especially like the Christmas starfish hanging from the chandy!

  5. mothergooseoftwins says

    It looks divine! Merry Christmas to you and yours and may you get lots of kisses under the mistletoe!

  6. cindy r. says

  7. Bri says

    Well since I love eveything in and about your house anything will make this chick happy!!!

  8. Nancy H says

    The room is so beautiful I woud love to win anything in it!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. says

    I love all the white cleanness of that room! Everything looks accented by it….I’d love to win anything there!

  10. Sarah Barnhart says

    If I win can I have the whole room?! Okay, maybe that would be hard to ship…and you might miss it a little. I’ll be happy to just see my name on your blog, and I don’t need a present! =)

  11. Janna says

    Good, because I can hardly take care of the dog I already have :)

    I love all the red and white – looks gorgeous!

  12. Christy Davis says

    Surprise me, baby. Mama needs a good surprise . . . and I am not a 100% that Pucci would welcome Mr. Maximus with open arms, so I am cool with him being excluded.

  13. Lauren says

    Oooooh….I see L & G (my initials!) AND the number 7 (my lucky number b/c my birthday is 7-17!) : )

  14. Maureen says

    Anything in that photo would be awesome!!! I’m throw’n my hat in :)

  15. Lynnette says

    On the 5th day of Christmas Layla gave to me……….5 golden rings,
    or something like that! LOL

  16. says

    Wow! What a beautiful holiday home! Thank you for sharing with us. Love the surprise of today’s giveaway.

  17. Janet says

    I love,love,love that room would love to win!!!!! It is so so so beautiful!!!!!!

  18. says

    Layla and Kevin,
    Out of all the blogs I visit you are at the very top of my list.
    You have the most beautiful house. I am always referring to decorating styles not as country or traditional, but Layla style.
    Merry Christmas,

  19. Gail D. says

    It would be wonderful to win as I’ve entered a ton of giveaways and have yet to win! How’s the adoption coming?

    Gail D.

  20. Rebecca McDonald says

    I’d take one of anything I can see in that picture, pretty please! Fun, fun!

  21. Carolyn says

    You and Keven are so talented – your LR/DR look great – just like in a magazine — Merry Christmas!

  22. Sharon Crawford says

    Please add me to the fun “What’s it gonna be” contest. I love the entire picture so…….just sayin’.

  23. Geri fom Vermont says

    Just love everything…you definatly “have the touch”…like my Mom used to say…..thanks for being so generous….Happiest of Holidays!!

  24. Joanne says

    I love checking your site. Something new and beautiful every day!
    Hope I win…. but if not I’ll be back.

  25. Kris says

    You have such great taste…….I would just be thrilled to have something you picked out!

  26. Lara says

    I love the touches of red you’ve incorporated in the cottage this year. They add so much! Would love to win anything you’d let into your house.

  27. Sheryl Bacon says

    oooh! Just LOVE your website! You have such wonderful ideas and I’m always inspired!

  28. Marty Trout says

    ……and the winner is………… (insert Marty here) ;p
    thanks for the chance, love your site, your home and your ideas! great design!!

  29. Eunice Chou says

    Your wall looks like something from a beautiful home magazine! I would love a chance to win any of those things!

  30. erica k says

    oh please! oh please!! (my name is written on the folded piece of paper…just so you know when you’re feeling around in the hat)

  31. Jessica says

    Woooo to the hooo!!! I’d take just about anything in your lettered love! This is my official dropping of the name:)

  32. Debbie says

    The suspense is killing me! Love all the red and white. I can’t wait to find out what you will be giving away. Thank you!!!

  33. Elizabeth Scholtens says

    Just putting my name in! Your blog is so fun, and your ideas inspiring!

  34. Jody says

    Normally I am not a surprise kind of gal, but every so often it is nice!
    Thanks for a chance for a surprise!

  35. Pam says

    Your house looks so festive with all those touches of red everywhere. My favorite (other than Mr. Maximus himself) is the pillows! Random tidbit – we have a cat that we like to call Maxington. I think I might add Maximus to his repertoire of names.

  36. Lorrie says

    Crossing my fingers! Maybe tonight will be my lucky night. Beautiful room – love the wall!

  37. Cheryl says

    absolutely anything that I see in that room would be perfect!!!!…ha, ha….this is so much fun!!!!

  38. Tammy says

    ❤❤❤ the red accents in all your space!

    Put my name in your hat please!

    Merry Christmas!

  39. April in CT says

    I just love the way these rooms look!! I really need to make a table runner, yours is adorable.

  40. Sheila says

    I wish I could put a room together like that. Decorating has never been easy for me. You have a wonderful gift!
    I love the starfish on the chandelier. Would you mind if I steal your idea? ; )

  41. KK says

    I love the way your room reads “red” with just the right touch from your accessories!

  42. katy says

    Love the room, and would love to win anything in there! Thanks for the giveaways!

  43. rebekah m says

    is it the letters? or maybe the snow flakes? plates? frames? table runner? :)

  44. Tinab158 says

    I simply adore EVERYTHING in your home…and I’d gladly accept anything you’d like to pass along. :-)

  45. teresa kaczynski says

    Neat how the red is echoed through the room, esp in the snowflake designs!

  46. Darlene says

    I love your style and would be happy with anything I would win. From a fellow Auburn fan! War Eagle!

  47. Trinity says

    Oooooo… Wish I had a cool house like yours. I’ll settle for any of your stuff.

  48. says

    Scribbles name on small piece of piece of paper, folds four times, aims, tosses, swoosh (into the hat). The crowd goes wild. Score!

    Ahem, please enter me in giveaway #5.

    Your Friend,

  49. Susan Pipich says

    You are so gifted and you have created another happy and comfortable room where anyone would feel welcome and “at home”.
    I am enjoying your daily suprises and would love to incorporate anything from that room into my own home.
    Happy Holidays!

  50. says

    Wishing my dining room looked like that … or that I had a dining room . *sigh* My apartment would love to be spruced up by any of these lovely things though !

  51. Tammy says

    Love the G & L letters, the initials of my wonderful husband of 27yrs. I love you’re & Kevin’s inspiration of everything, you touch my heart…Tybee Island is a special place for us also

  52. says

    The room is so lovely! I just LOVE how you redid the dining table. I followed your tutorial and attempted to recreate the look on my kitchen chairs. They turned out pretty cool. Thanks for posting the how-tos!

  53. Hayden Norwood says

    Everything in the room is beautiful! Would love any of the surprises~

  54. Sandy says

    Everything in the room looks great! Please add my name to the drawing. Thanks.

  55. Danella says

    I wanna copy that wall… I keep showing and ‘asking’ my hubby to ‘help’ me!
    We’ve done a bunch of cool stuff already, thanks to YOU guys!
    Is there something there we could add to our decor???
    Of course!
    Love you guys…
    we consider you our inspirational FRIENDS.
    thanks SO much!

  56. Catherine says

    Well since I love just about everything in the photo, winning any of it would be fabulous!

  57. Cara says

    Well any of the things in that picture would be a wonderful gift to win. Thanks Layla and Kevin.