12 Days of Giveaways- Giveaway #3

Mom and I had the most amazing time at Andrew Peterson’s “Behold the Lamb” concert at our church last night! (If you love laughing, GREAT music, and he and his INCREDIBLE group of super-talented friends come to your town, I definitely encourage you to see the show!)
Today we’re gonna take a stroll downtown and do a little window shopping together (Mom LOVES the Christmas shop here in our town). But I wanted to post this before we left…’cause who knows how long we’ll be gone! LOL!

I dug into my little box full of goodies from Live-Inspired.com after we got back last night, and I decided Giveaway #3 will be for a book called “Live Good” by Kobi Yamada, and a metal postcard that reads, “I’m always doing things I can’t do, it’s how I get to do them”. (Inspired by the anonymous one I received in the mail earlier this year. Thank you, again, anonymous day maker!)

If you’d like to throw your name in the hat, just leave a comment on this post between now and ten o’ clock p.m. tonight. (Central Time)

Yesterday’s winner is…

Congratulations “Chatty Housewife”! I’ll be emailing you soon to get your mailing address from you.

And congrats to @amycornwell for correctly answering today’s Twivia question on Twitter! The question was: Who said, “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”?  Answer: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Stay merry y’all!

PS- Andrew Peterson and friends are in Nashville at the Ryman tomorrow night!


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  1. Jaci says

    Those books would be amazing on the coffee table of my new house! Thanks for all you do! I <3 your blog!!!!!! :o)

  2. Jennifer says

    Wow…..that looks amazing and exactly something I’d need to read today and every day for that matter :)

  3. Claire V. says

    Nice book! That would be a great coffee table piece, or something to take quotes out of to frame.

  4. Alexandra says

    i totally fell in love with all things live-inspired after your anonymous day-maker sent you that sweet gift!

  5. Jamie FK says

    Awesome… Looks inspiring… and being a mom of 3 kids… some times you need a little inspiration!!!–Thanks for always inspiring us here in blogland–

  6. LesleyG says

    Great stuff! Puts you in the mood to look for inspiring words you can believe in!

  7. Maureen says

    Thanks again for another great give-away opportunity!! These metal post cards are so unique and profound.

  8. Ally says

    Looks very inspirational! :) I would love to display that on my freshly painted coffee table!

  9. Liz says

    This is so timely! Last night I was refecting on what a wonderful few months we’ve had celebrating various holidays & birthdays & thinking about what January, February, and March will bring when things have calmed down. Living Inspired is going to be my mantra going into the new year. Appreciating what every day brings & celebrating the ordinary!!! Thank You for being you & brightening our every days (:

  10. ChrystaJ says

    When I read your post with the “anonymous one” I went to this website and have yet to make a purchase but it’s saved in my favs. They have so many good gifts.

  11. says

    Would love to be the one who you pick will treasure that book and will show and use a lot…. Que Dios te bendiga mucho

  12. Jackie Machock says

    I am in love with the metal postcard. Thanks for making our holidays merry!

  13. Lauren B. says

    That looks like just the book to get me through college the next year! if i don’t win i may just have to buy it

  14. Pam says

    Very cool prize today! I have a dry erase board in my office at work and I write a quote a day on it. You wouldn’t believe how quickly that took on – people come down my hall just to see what I posted. Great thing inspiration…..

  15. says

    love those metal postcards… got some when i saw your post earlier this year about the one you received in the mail as a surprise!

  16. cait says

    LOVE the giveaway and LOVE your blog even more! Thank you for always inspiring me :) You have helped me become more patient with my “time line” of home renos…I am reminded by The Lettered Cottage that not everything can be done in one weekend :) thank you!!!

  17. Laura D says

    I’d love to win this for my SIL–she’s been going through a hard time lately.

  18. Ashley from Wyoming! says

    I’d LOVE to win this book! I actually bought three books by this same author & used them as bridesmaids gifts for my October wedding, and would love to have one of my own :D

  19. Ashley says

    What a great way to lift the spirits by the turn of a page each day :) My heart might shed some sparkles if I get to see my name in tomorrow’s post as the winner! Fingers are crossed!

  20. says

    This would be a great New Years present for my hubby! A little something for him to start off
    the New Year with!!! He loves stuff like this!!!

  21. Gillian says

    Thanks for linking that website – I’ve never heard of it before & now I have some new gift ideas!

  22. Kimberly says

    I ordered cards from this website after you wrote about them! I love them, and so do the recipients :)

  23. Cass says

    I love inspirational items. You never know when one phrase or word will make your day! Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Happy Holidays!

  24. says

    Love the live inspired stuff. I have 4 of their postcards framed and hanging in my house. Would love to add to it! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  25. Kim says

    OH I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK… and the saying on the post card fits me to a TEEEEEEE.

  26. Lynn Collins says

    You are so creative with your gift ideas and your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  27. says

    We love Andrew Peterson and the Behold the Lamb concert. I believe he is coming to Charlotte too. The tickets were sold out but we have the cd and listen every Christmas!!!

  28. Kelley says

    Great idea for giveaways — I love that you’re sharing little bits of things you love at the holidays. Seems the perfect idea for gift-giving.

  29. Melissa Horrisberger says

    This book would look great in my bedroom, and I absolutely love the metal postcard

  30. Harbormom says

    I’m a firm believer of doing the impossible! Have a wonderful shopping trip with your mom!

  31. Jeannie says

    Love it…We are all about our inspirational sayings! It’s amazing how they can change your life.

  32. Martha says

    I loooove these!!! And these give aways are great – thank you for all that you do. You insire me to do better. Merry Christmas!!!!

  33. Laura Murrey says

    Nothing better than a day with your Mom window shopping. Miss that so…
    Have just found you recently and love keeping up with your “story”!!!!!

  34. Sandra says

    I’m all for inspirational books! Thanks for hosting a great Christmas give away!

  35. Allison Aros says

    LOVE them. So cool. I remember when you got that one in the mail. Such a sweet reader.

  36. Catherine says

    I could use that kind of positive inspiration right about now. Would love this!

  37. Demarus S. says

    Would LOVE to have a little bit of inspiration from LAYLA for Christmas….sign me up!

  38. says

    Ooooooh, I hope I win this one! This giveaway spree is just awesome. I mean, your blog was awesome anyway, this is just the icing on the cake. Have fun shopping with your mom. Not much can beat shopping with your mom. :)

  39. April in CT says

    I could use some inspiration. I just found out last night we’re moving from CT to CA and I’m heart broken to leave New England.

  40. says

    HOW GABulous! I’m thinking not only of Christmas gifts for the special peeps in my life, but this book would make awesome graduation gifts!

    Will most likely share this book on our webtv show! Always looking for GABulicious ideas, gifts, etc. Thanks so much!

    Gab Gal Nan

  41. says

    Yay, I won yesterdays giveaway! I can’t wait to see what you send. :) Thank you so much.

    This book looks like it would be such a great coffee table book, and also a great reference for inspirational quotes to add to cards and whatnot.

  42. says

    Not only do I absolutely LOVE the words in the book and on the postcard, but I as a graphic designer I adore the typography. I would look at both gifts every day. Thank you for all the inspiration you both give!

  43. Elise says

    I think the blog post about the random act of kindness is my favorite all time on this blog. Makes me remember that there really are good people in this world!

  44. Jessica says

    I am obsessed with quotes and would LOVE to win this book! I have some of the window cards and a few other products from the Compendium website and they are all great.

  45. says

    Love the quotes – and the “Lettering” is awesome. (get it the Lettered Cottage) Lettering…
    Any who, love the inspiration you give to this tired ole cottage.

  46. Tricia says

    I love the Live-inspired stuff! I would love to have this book around on those bad days that we all have from time to time.

    • Tricia says

      Oh and Behold the Lamb is awesome! I have seen it the last couple years in Birmingham and was sad that I didn’t get to see it this year!

  47. says

    LOVE it. I wrote out on a small blank card “I Can Do Hard Things” when I was going through some medical issues earlier this year…how wonderful these small quotes around our home can supply the MOTIVATION we need! Enjoy your momma time :)

    • mary says

      I put a post-it on my bathroom mirror that says “You are a rockstar! You can do this!”

  48. crissy armstrong says

    love that site! thanks for the opportunity and all the giving. i especially love such clean graphic design. yummy

  49. stephanie says

    LOVE andrew peterson. thanks for giving him a mention on your blog… hope people check out “behold the lamb”!!!

  50. Gail D. says

    I recently embarked on a new spiritual journey that is really working for me, and that book would be perfect for daily affirmations! Thanks for offering so many cool things, Layla!

  51. Amy P. says

    Words are simply wonderful! They are sooooo inspiring and they need to be read, heard, and said… Great giveaway… Stay Merry & Bright… :0) Amy

  52. MelissaM says

    Layla, you have the best taste!!
    I might just have to buy that book if I don’t win.

    Thanks so much for inspiring us all!

  53. Larissa says

    Love the look of the book… Hope to be reading it :o) Thanks for the inspiration!

  54. Lisa Klugewicz says

    I would love anything that you are giving. All things beautiful!

  55. Sue says

    If you really need a home for these delightful item’s, I would be only too thrilled to relieve you of them :-)

    Happy Wednesday, Layla!


  56. Theresa OBrien says

    I would love that book! I will have to find it in a bookstore somewhere if I don’t win ;-)

  57. Stephanie says

    Wow!!! I love love love that book and postcard!!! Let’s hope I win!! =)

    Happy Holidays!!!

  58. Joanne says

    I love the inspiring note on the metal card and the book would be a wonderful gift for my aunt :D

  59. Melissa says

    Some inspiration is just what the doctor ordered at this frantic time of year!

  60. says

    Thanks for sharing live inspired with us. Life can be rough – some days it’s little things – like a quote (or an anonymous card!) – that make me smile too!

  61. kelly says

    I’ve got to put my name in for this one. You KNOW I love anything by Compendium! Thanks for all the fun giveaways you are doing.

  62. says

    Love the LiveInspired website. I too thank the anonymous card sender, since I followed the info on your blog to their page. Enjoy visiting with your Mom.

  63. Holly says

    ooh, I checked out this website when you first posted about it awhile back – I love little quotes and such :)

  64. Geri fom Vermont says

    Very true…very true…even an old woman like me could use some inspiration during the long cold winter!! LOL Keep up the great work,inspiring all of us! Geri

  65. Barbara says

    Enjoying the simple things in life(window shopping with Mom)~that’s what it’s all about.

  66. Pam says

    I love inspirational quotes! I remember when you posted about your anonymous gift giver. :) How sweet!

  67. Sarah Teske says

    Oops — the BOOK soundS very inspiring. :)

    Great…now I’ve probably disqualified myself – ha!

  68. KK says

    Love this collection of books! This is one I don’t currently have but I’d love to!

  69. April says

    That book seems like something that would come in handy in my life right now…

    I really enjoy your blog! I’m constantly checking for updates! :D